Fun Kid Websites - Safety and Learning on the Internet

Face it, in this age of technology your kids will be exposed to the internet in some way. You might as well start at an early age familiarizing them with the world wide web and exposing them to all the many wonderful sites the internet has to offer. There are many options that provide but both and learning perfect for kids of all ages.

But how do you know where to look? Finding fun entertainment for your kids can be somewhat of a chore. With this guide on fun kid websites, we make it easy to give your kids a fun learning experience while keeping them occupied. The internet can provide endless enjoyment and an abundance of information for adults, why not kids?

Here we have compiled a list of some of the top websites geared to children:

One favorite web site of many parents and children is This fun kid website is from the makers of Sesame Street and is great for toddlers and young children. They feature educational games including word spelling and matching. The website has shows kids can watch online. They also have a great music section with videos.

Another fun kid website to try out is This website is from the makers of many popular kid shows such as Barney and Friends and Arthur. It is full of fun games, stories and a unique coloring section. You can even click on your favorite show and get more information about you favorite characters. The games on this website are educational and discovery oriented, so you can feel good about your child spending time online.

Yahoo! has come up with a fun kid website. It is This website features games, facts about animals and a science section. The website also provides kids with information about the latest news and movies. There is an excellent section where kids can ask questions about science, animals and sports and read the answers of other kid's questions. This is a great website for older kids.